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Bench Pin

The Bench Pin and anvil combo is a fantastic alternative to get your be to do more than just act as a gate or spacers, this combination can do things like hold a cams or anvil to springs. The be extends a small head that makes it facile to get the right setting for the anvil and the Pin makes sure the work is evenly distributed and not chop up the bench.

Jewelers Bench Pin

This is a fine quality jewelers Bench Pin steel block for your watch or other jewelry, it provides an anvil mount and can be used to hold onto tools or hardware. It is in like manner first-rate for holding onto tools when not using them, this kit includes 144 saw blades, a saw frame, and a clamps! This will help you create your own tools for jewelry making. The saw blades are t-bar, jigsaw blade, and hand saw blade, the t-bar saw blades are ideal for roughing out the puzzle pieces on a tooled map. The jigsaw blade is dandy for cutting through the metal to get a smooth finish, the hand saw blade is top-quality for working with metals with rough edges. This brass tool is ideal for tasks such as ring tooling, bot work and repairs, the Bench Pin is with a top handle andd-ring style. The tool guests favourite tool of jewelry making and repairing, the Pin is produced of high quality wooden mahogany and offers ends. This Pin Bench tool is prime for a person wanting to about jewelry making and repair, this Bench Pin vise peerless for jewelers and anyone who makes tools. This vise gives a metal mounting holder and a keyhole for it is further metallically coated for longevity.