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Chevelle Bench Seat

Looking for a Bench Seat for your 1969- 1972 gto? Look no further! The a sensational substitute for somebody scouring for a high-quality piece of furniture, it's made of high-quality materials, and is sure to make your vehicle more comfortable and easier to work on. Plus, with the tracker system, you can be sure you're getting a quality product.

Cheap Chevelle Bench Seat

This 1965 Chevelle Bench Seat is produced of durable materials and will last long time, it is basic to assemble and is a valuable everyday use piece. The Bench Seat extends a hard plastic cover that is easily- removable, the Seat renders a comfortable back, and the fabric is soft and smooth. This is a valuable daily use piece for your car, the Chevelle Bench Seat is a sterling alternative to provide support to your vehicle when you are struggling to recover from a crash. This Seat is designed to help you enjoy your time behind the wheel again, this is an 1969 to 1972 model year Chevelle Bench seat. It is a standard part of many vehicles now days, but in 1969 it was known as the gto power Bench seat, this part was created to allow drivers to handle their hands to move heavy objects onto and from the vehicle's drive train. Today, the Bench Seat is still available, and is commonly used on cars with the gto power option, this is an 1969-72 Chevelle gto 442 gs Bench Seat headrests gm orig. You can find them on a graveyard or an used in car sales, they are must for somebody who wants to sit tall on the stand.