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Ford Ranger 60/40 Bench Seat Cover

This cotton Bench Seat Cover is practical for your Ford Ranger (6040) or other high back seat, it's a first-class Cover for keeping your work area clean and your wallet happy.

Cheap Ford Ranger 60/40 Bench Seat Cover

This Cover is top-notch for a comfortable night's sleep, it's made of durable and sturdy fabric, and it will protect your Bench from damage. The black color is excellent for your car, this Ford Ranger 98 - 2003 high back 6040 split Seat Cover molded headrest fit extends a fitted design to it. It gives an 66 mm headrest and it is fabricated of strong plastic, the headrest is conjointly made of metal for extra strength. The Bench Seat Cover is additionally made of metal for extra strength, it is moreover made of strong plastic for stability. This Ford Ranger 60/40 Bench Seat Cover in black twill is a top-rated surrogate for a new car or home during the cold winter days, it is produced from fabric and extends a comfortable fit. The Cover is additionally uncomplicated to clean and is good for multiple years, this covers the Seat in the back row and makes for a be com style to keep your head and shoulders out of the way. The blackcharcoal Cover is a good old school surrogate of bc bites and is puissant for a b cup car, the Cover also fits 98-03 Ford rangers with a standard 40 liter Seat area.