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Jewelers Bench

Our jewelry workbench tools can help you cut metal quickly and easily, with the Jewelers Bench pin clamp, you can hold onto tight knots and get the job done quickly.

Jeweler's Bench

This simple, solid wood workbench with drawers is a top substitute to support your art and crafts career, with two and a bookshelf, this Bench will provide you with the space you need to focus on your businesses and collections. The Bench is further facile to clean with its simple design and easy-to-repair components, this Bench anvil block drill is a top-grade tool for drill workers who need a hexagonal riveting anvil. This anvil renders a hexagonal riveting dent and is produced of durable metal for many years of use, the hole in the anvil is also safe for use with machine tools and is multi-purpose, able to be used for boring, shaping and riveting. This kit includes 144 saw blades, a saw frame, and a clamps tool, the saw blades are plain keyhole saw blades with no included saw, so it offers a modern look and feel. The saw frame is produced of heavy-duty metal with a v-shape feature for straightforward pei sawing, the Bench is produced of tough wood with a different design for better balance and stability. The saw blades and Bench are covered in an anti-tampering guards system, this tool also includes a full-pagepicture enticing photo. This 4 x4 steel Bench block Jewelers steel block metal working anvil is an unequaled tool for striking coins, cards and other small items, the anvil is manufactured out of high quality steel and can handle even the most challenging work.