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Log Bench

This bench is made of hickory wood with a rustic cabin lodge design. It can handle 48 arms with ease. The bench also has a solid design with a thick headrest and comfortable fabric seats. This bench is the perfect choice for any amish home.

Half Log Bench

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Split Log Bench

This is a perfect quality split log bench. It is made of walnut wood and has a dark color. It has a difficult to find type of finish, which makes it a perfect addition to a home. The bench is also made of plastic, which makes it durable and easy to clean. this rustic log bench is a great addition to your amish cottage. It is fouruberred with amish hickorytwiglogbench 48 upholstered rustic cabin lodge and has been air-purified for use in the home. This bench is also soundless to the touch and is built from twelve-gaited horses power saw horses. The amish hickorytwiglogbench is a great piece of furniture for your home and makes a great addition to your roomy amish cottage. this traditional forge bench has been fully customized with perfect coordinates to provide the perfect surface to work from. The carved chainsaw bench top is finished with a beautiful red and white checkerboard bench bottom. This simple but elegant piece is a great addition to any room. this amish made half log bench is a great option for a table of your small or medium-sized workshop. The versatile bench can also be used as a worktable or storebasket.