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Queen Anne Piano Bench

This queen anne piano bench is a great addition to your music room or home office. With adjustable legs and top, this bench will fit any dance or music career you have. The ebony satin queen anne legs and top will give your music room a look of ultimate luxury.

Queen Anne Bench

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Queen Anne Style Bench

Our queen anne style bench is a perfect addition to your home office or as a bench in your garden. The bench has an adjustable height and width so that you can create a unique finish on it to suit your needs. The bench is made of high-quality oak wood and has a rich anne style design. It is perfect for your business or home office and comes with a range of finish styles to choose from. the queen anne benches are a great addition to any room. They are sturdy and are a beautiful dark polished mahogany. They are the perfect size for small groups or large families. The benches also have a felt flooring and are made to last. the jansen artist bench is a perfect addition to your space. It is adjustable to a variety of levels and has ebony gloss queen anne legs and top. The bench is top tufted for extra feel and look. This bench is also adjustable to size and is perfect for small spaces. this queen anne piano bench is perfect for any musician looking for a medium to high end piano bench. With adjustable legs and a tufted top design, this bench will allow you to find the perfect size and pressure for your piano.