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Stamina Pro Ab/hyper Bench

Looking for a durable, height-adjustable Bench with an ab-friendly design? Look into Stamina Bench Pro - it's a Hyper Bench that's adjustable to all sit or stand position, with an ab-friendly design and adjustable height, this Bench is prime for any daily cardio routine. Also features an adjustable mouse wheel for control and an international variety of colors and designs to suit any home scene.

Stamina Ab/hyper Bench Pro

The Stamina adjustable Bench Pro is a practical substitute to increase your Bench press power and speed, this roman chair imparts an adjustable Ab level that makes it best-in-class for Hyper extension work or Stamina work. The Hyper extension Bench Pro also gives a built-in Bench press tool for effortless press development, the Ab level can be the comfortable padded back rest and the Bench press tool with no difference in Bench press power. The Ab level can also be set to a custom range of motion with the included Bench press tool, the Stamina Bench Pro is a top way for Hyper extension work or Stamina work. The Stamina Bench Pro is an adjustable hyper-extension back exercise chair that can be used to adjust the length of the back exercise with ease, and add a little power to your Bench press, the Bench press versions have a higher weight capacity than the laptop-based versions, which can help you build more strength and size. Lastly, the chair also imparts a fine mesh end cap to help keep your spine healthy and fit while you work, with an adjustable height and width, this chair can be used in a variety of positions to accommodate different fitness levels. The hyper-extension design gives you the ability to adjust the chair to your own fitness level, while the Bench Pro feature provides you with an exceptional spot to set yourself for strength and power, the Stamina Bench Pro is fantastic for enthusiasts who crave a top fitness experience, and will give you the strength and power you need to get your body and workout routine done. Our Stamina Pro Bench Pro is an adjustable Stamina chair that is excellent for use in the gym, health club, or home, this chair is manufactured of tough and durable materials that will keep you energy and energy-rich feeling during and after exercise. The Stamina Pro Bench Pro is a terrific addition to thehyper-extension back exercise roman chair community.