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Wall Mounted Folding Teak Shower Bench

This first-rate discount model is best-in-the-class for you range -like environment, the wall-mounted Folding Shower Bench is a top-notch surrogate for enthusiasts with an environmental conscience. This smart choice means you can have a hardwood Shower space in your living room, without down county living, the Teak finish means this alternative will last and look good. The wall-mounted Shower Bench is a fantastic way for individuals who are searching for a smart and sustainable option, while the Teak finish means your living room won't feel so dark and tiled.

Teak Shower Bench Folding

The Teak Shower Bench is a top-rated addition to your bathroom, it is uncomplicated to set up and is finished surface. It offers an 20"w x 20"l x 20"h design and is fabricated of teak, it is further facile to clean. This medical Wall mount seat is top-grade for individuals with an 1 st generation Shower who need to fold up to take to the shower, the material does all the hard work for you and doesn't show in your shower. The Bench also fits sizes: small, medium, large, and extra-large, this beneficial for everyone offers a comfortable and facile to operate shower. This cool fold down Shower Bench seats is first-class for a quick family time, the sturdy wood frames will have you feeling at home while your family enjoys the relax and power of the water. This 36 inch Teak Shower Bench is a beneficial surrogate for a versatile bathroom space, the Bench offers a comfortable feel to it, and can be used as a timesaver while waiting in line or working in the bathroom. The sturdy construction will last for years of use, while the colorful wood designs will give your bathroom a little bit of personality.